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What is the minimum age requirement to play soccer?

In order to meet the minimum age requirement for our U5 program, players must be born in the youngest year posted on our registration page (5 years of age by December 31 of the applicable school year).  This applies to both the fall and the spring seasons.  The age group specifications do not change between the fall and spring seasons.  If a child is not old enough in the fall he/she will not be old enough in the spring either.  No underage players will be placed on our waitlist.

My child has never played soccer, but wants to give it a try.  Many of the other kids have been playing for years.  Will he/she be OK?
Yes.  We have many new players in each age group each year, especially in the U6, U8 and U10 age groups.  If your child is somewhat athletic, he/she will quickly be able to contribute to recreational teams older than U10.  Children, especially those that are coordinated and like a high level of physical activity, will quickly develop the skills necessary to fit right in. 

What is offered for players once they are too old for the in-house program?
PRSC maintains strong competitive and recreational travel programs for boys and girls ages U11 through U19.  Our travel teams roster players of varying abilities on teams where they will be appropriately competitive and they compete against other clubs: Hampton, Deer Lakes, Fox Chapel, North Allegheny, Freeport, etc.

We field D4 (state-competitive), D5 (district-competitive) and D6 (recreational) teams as needed each season based upon our registered players' needs.  Home games are played at Pine Park and Richland Park.  Note that travel games are played on Sundays, typically between 12 and 7 pm.

When are the spring and fall seasons?
Typically, the spring season starts the week of April 1 and ends during the first or second weekend of June.  The fall season begins during the last week of August and runs through the last weekend of October.  

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?
You should receive an automated message confirming registration was received and payment processed.  

How can I be sure my child was placed on a team?
If you registered online and paid all fees by the deadline specified, your child is guaranteed team placement.  Players who register after the initial deadline will be placed on the waiting list and assigned to teams as needed to complete rosters.

Each age group has a maximum number of players permitted to ensure appropriate team size and playing time.  Many, but not all players who register late are placed on teams. 

Once teams are rostered, team coaches will reach out to introduce themselves and go over season information: practice day/time, player expectations, and game day rules.  This typically occurs in early-mid March for the spring season and early-mid August for the fall season.

During registrationPRSC volunteers work to identify and recruit volunteer coaches.  Assembling teams for the season is a time intensive process and your patience during this period is appreciated. 

What if the weather is bad?  Will we play in the rain?
If we experience rain without any lighting or thunder and the field conditions are deemed safe, games will be played in the rain.  
If there is a possibility the weather will clear, we will follow a weather delay for teams playing at PAC Saturday mornings.

Weather Delay:
In the case of inclement weather early on a Saturday, we will update the website with the status of games that date.  We will not automatically cancel all games in the event the weather permits us to start later.  
U5/U6: We will postpone the start by up to one hour, if possible, or cancel if it appears that the weather will last more than one hour. 
U8: If the first set of games cannot be played as scheduled, but we expect the weather will clear, they will be postponed to begin at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled games that day, i.e., will start at 12:00 or 12:30pm.  The second and third set of games will proceed as scheduled.  If the second set of games also cannot be played as scheduled, but we expect the weather to clear, those games will move to the 1:00 and 1:30pm time slot.  Any further delays beyond those will result in the cancellation of all games.  Again, we will post the status to our website, so it is important to keep an eye out for any required changes.  

If you have other questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please go to the Contact Us page and email or call for more information.



No jewelry is allowed during any game at any age.  Taping over earrings in not permitted.  Parents are reminded not to pierce their children's ears shortly before or during the soccer season.  Failure to remove jewelry including new earrings will result in the player being prohibited from participating in the game.

If medical jewelry is required by a doctor it must be covered and held in place in order to avoid injury to the player wearing it as well as other players.  Coaches and referees must be notified of such circumstances.

Additionally, no metal barrettes, bobby pins or other metal hair pieces are permitted.


A goalie helmet is mandatory for all Pine Richland Goal Keepers for the U8 program.  Helmets are provided to the coaches in this age group and are made available (upon request) to coaches for the U10/11/12 and up programs and are left to the discretion of the parents and players if a helmet should be worn. 

Refunds - required during registration

All refund requests must be made IN WRITING via email to the PRSC Registrar or Treasurer.  Please do not make refund requests by phone or by contacting other PRSC volunteers and board members.  Registration fee refunds will be processed per the information below:
• 100% if requested by the regular registration deadline of January 31 for Spring and June 30 for Fall.
• 50% if requested by the PA West team declaration deadline of March 1 for Spring and August 1 for Fall


• 100% with a written medical excuse from a doctor if requested by the PA West team declaration deadline of March 1 for Spring and August 1 for Fall.
• After March 1 for Spring and August 1 for Fall, the PA West player registration fee will be deducted.


• PRSC supports participation in school sponsored sports and activities.  Please know that if your child plans to tryout for the middle or high school SOCCER teams, and would like to play with PRSC also, or only if he/she does not make a school team, you need to register during the regular registration period to ensure a place on one of our rosters.  Do not wait until the school rosters are released in August as our rosters are often full and we will not be able to add more teams at that time.  Refunds will be available for players who are selected for middle or high school teams if the refund requests are made within 5 days of release of the MS/HS rosters along with proof of placement on those rosters.  Know that we have many players who choose to play PRSC soccer along with school soccer (or other school sports).  Our U13-U19 coaches support player participation in school sports and recognize that players cannot make all PRSC practices due to school competitions.  While this refund policy exception applies only to players participating in school SOCCER, our coaches' flexibility applies to all school sports.


A $10 processing fee applies for all refunds.

All refunds will be processed at the same time.  Checks will be mailed by April 20 for Spring, September 20 for fall.  No refunds will be given for:

  • Late fees.
  • Overpayments related to the $300 family cap if paid online. Payment by check by January 15/June 15 is required to receive the discount.
  • Requests received after the PA West team declaration deadline of March 1/August 1 (unless the medical exception applies).
  • Uniform jerseys.
  • A shortened season due to inclement weather.

Waiver of Liability - required during registration

I/We, the parent/guardian of the player, a minor, and the player agree to the following rules: (1) To abide by the rules of THE STATE ASSOCIATION, its affiliated organizations and sponsors. Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with soccer and in consideration for THE STATE ASSOCIATION accepting the registrant for its soccer programs and activities (the “Programs”), I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify THE STATE ASSOCIATION, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs, against any claim by or on behalf of the registrant as a result of the registrant’s participation in the Programs and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize. (2) To hereby give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb or well-being of my dependent.

Legal Waiver - required during registration

I, the parent/guardian of the registrant, a minor, do consent to his/her playing soccer. Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with soccer and in consideration for the USYSA accepting the registrant for its soccer program and activities, I hearby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify the USYSA, its affiliated organizations, and sponsors (PINE-RICHLAND SOCCER CLUB), their employees, representatives, volunteers and associated personnel, including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs from liability and damages by reason of any accident to the registrant while he/she is participating in its activities during the soccer season and/or being transported to/or from the same which transportation I hereby authorize. The undersigned parent/guardian of the registrant represents that the player is in good health and physical condition and can participate in competitive soccer. I understand that I am responsible to communicate any medical issues which may arise during the season. We have read all the information above and agree that all statements are correct.


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